Privacy Policy
We don't collect any personal information. We don't track you. We don't prostitute your privacy or your information. We only collect your email to reply to your request for an App Promotion Slot.


We are not aware what information Paypal collects. We do payments via Paypal and they are handled COMPLETELY by Paypal. We do not at any point see your credit card information or any other information. We only know your paypal email address and send you a Paypal invoice. All paypal transactions happen at the Paypal website.

Some Qualifiers

1) We are not responsible for taps or hacks government agencies or companies might have in their servers, in undersea cables, at Internet connection points, or in computers, or in software.

Please proceed with the implicit assumption that whatever you email us will also be seen by other parties withour our or your active consent. So, don't email us anything illegal.

2) If our servers get hacked, and this is a very unlikely scenario, then everything you submit with your App Slot request and everything you email us might fall into the wrong hands. Please Note: Everything related to Paypal happens at the Paypal website.

For that reason, please don't email us anything personal.

3) If our email accounts get hacked, and this is unlikely as they are run by Microsoft and Yahoo, then everything you submit with your App Slot request, as well as our further email exchanges, might fall into the wrong hands.

Questions about Privacy?

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