You Can Trust Us!
We've sold 1.35 million paid apps. We've had millions of free app downloads. We really know what we're doing when it comes to App Promotions.

In our sister company, Books Butterfly, we have helped authors get millions of free book downloads and book sales. We are a trusted promotion channel. 60+ NY Times Bestselling Authors, nearly as many USA Today Bestselling Authors, Pulitzer Prize winners, National Book Award winners, Nobel Prize nominated authors, RITA Winners, Golden Heart Winners, Shamus Winners, and many more established authors promote with us. 60 to 70% of them are repeat customers. 
We've sold 1.35 million paid apps in 2011 to 2015. Nearly all our best-selling apps have a rating of 4 stars or more. We stand behind our services and products. 

We bring the same honor, integrity, and win-win attitude to our relationship with Developers. We'll ensure you get value for your money and have a great experience.

9 Main Reasons You Can Trust Us! 

1) Having sold 1.35 million paid apps we know what it takes and we want to help fellow developers
2) We built promotion channels for indie developers, indie authors, indie game developers specifically to solve the problem we had to solve ourselves - discoverability
3) We've generated Millions of Free Book Downloads and Sales for Indie Authors. Books are a smaller market than Apps.
4) 1,000+ Authors have worked with our sister company, Books Butterfly, and 65% are repeat customers
5) 60+ NY Times Bestselling Authors have worked with our sister company, Books Butterfly, and 70% are repeat customers
6) 1.35 million+ satisfied customers of our Paid Apps in 2011 to 2015
7) We have 200,000+ daily downloading customers that download apps, books, games, and more from us every single day
8) We have 200,000+ email subscribers
9) Our Customers trust us. We've been bringing them money saving offers and deals for 7.5+ years. They have stayed with us even as the world has changed.

We have 1.35 million+ satisfied paying customers. We have 200,000+ satisfied daily downloading customers who trust us and visit us every single day to find the best offers and deals. 

Customers Trust Us & So Should You!

You should trust us for the same reasons customers trust us -

1) We are in this for the long haul (7.5+ years and counting).
2) We connect the best products to the best customers. We don't let money, short-term considerations, or external pressure sway us.
3) We always maintain a Win-Win-Win equation. Our focus will always be on What's Best for the Future of the Internet and On Creating a Sustainable Ecosystem where customers and developers can both win. 

Are Your Users Legitimate Users?

Yes, our users are all legitimate users. We don't nickel and dime you. Here are a few things to keep in mind - 

1) We count only Daily Downloading Users. This means that we don't count visits, only unique users. It means that we count UNIQUE users that visit EVERY DAY and download EVERY DAY. 

2) We don't include Numbers for Channels which we aren't 100% sure about. That means that the Daily Downloading Customers number excludes: 

a) The 20,000+ users on our Twitter accounts.
b) Our RSS users since Google has stopped sharing information on RSS Reader Counts. We had 4,000+ RSS readers just through Google Reader on our main blog. However, since now we have no way to verify the numbers, we don't include them in our count. 
c) Users who are subscribed to our Wordpress Email Lists. Since there might be overlap with our main lists.
d) Users on channels that we aren't 100% sure of. 

3) We focus on REAL Users. A lot of websites focus on metrics like 'daily pageviews' or 'number of Facebook Likes' or 'Twitter Followers'. Those aren't Daily Downloading Customers. Those aren't real people who check the lists every day. We only count REAL users who check our lists EVERY DAY. Please Note: Of course, having 1 million Facebook Likes is very valuable. It's just that 1 million Facebook Likes means in reality something like 60,000 to 150,000 people get the updates on any given day. NOT 1 Million. Please keep that in mind.

What Results Can I Expect?

Soon we'll add a Testimonials page where you will be able to see Testimonials from developers who've promoted with us. These Testimonials will be organized by Category so you can see Testimonials specific to your Cateogry.

For the best estimates of how your app will do, please email us at or submit your app (we include estimates when we book your app promotion slot).
Please be sure to include a link to your actual app - we are unable to read your mind and figure out which of your apps you want us to promote. Neither are we an oracle who can figure out what the link for it in the app store is. Please be specific and include an actual link to the app in the app store, or an actual link to the app page on your website (which should link to it in the app stores). 

Questions about Trust?

1) Email us at