About Appneur (The App Entrepreneur Helpers)
We are a Canadian Company and we have been making and selling apps and building discoverability products for the last 7.5 years. We have a constellation of 125+ discovery and discoverability sites and products that reach 200,000+ daily downloading customers every day. We cover games, apps, and many other digital products. We also cover physical product discoverability

Top 5 Appneur Insights & Facts

1) We are a Canadian Company with our team spread across 4 continents (main offices in Montreal & Ukraine). Our Executive Team is in Canada and Ukraine and Africa. Our Bloggers are in Canada, India, Ukraine, and Africa. The majority of our programmers are in Ukraine.

2) We've been making websites and search engines since 2009. We've been making apps since 2010. We currently have a plethora of discovery related websites and vertical search engines that reach 200,000+ daily downloading customers every single day. 

3) We're focused on The Future of the Internet and Mobile Internet and on Envisioning, Manifesting, and Creating a world where Creators can connect to Customers easily, where they can sell their products to readers painlessly, and where they can find success and happiness.

4) We've sold 1.35 million paid apps. We've had millions of downloads of our free apps. We've hit 'millions of X sold/downloaded' 3 times in 3 separate areas.

5) We're a small team of world class people. The best pound for pound fighters in the world, bar none.

Why work on Discovery?

1) There's a revolution going on. It's a very exciting time to be involved in the Internet and the Mobile Internet. A lot of us are blessed to love both technology and people (not always in that order) and it's the perfect intersection of disciplines. We love customers. We love coding and testing and design. Discovery and Search is a rather super fit.

2) When making and selling apps our #1 problem was Discoverability. We had great apps but it took an ungodly amount of effort to make customers aware of our apps. We did sell over 1 million paid apps. We did reach #1 in multiple stores. However, why should 80% of the work be marketing when it's the quality of the App that customers care about??? 

It was a really, really frustrating process. The whole system is rigged. Search Engines mostly favor large established companies. Stores favor big companies. Apple does highlight indie developers - however, that's akin to praying for a miracle.

There is no FAIR and FREE Market. 

3) It doesn't matter if you have the best product, the best prices, the best product market fit. You have to become an expert in marketing to achieve success. Meanwhile you see stores highlight products that just aren't as good as your App

We saw every other creator facing this EXACT same Discoverability problem which we fought through.
4) Combine the above three elements and we suddenly had a lot of clarity. We can fix the #1 Problem we had when we sold apps - Discoverability! 

We can solve Discoverability for other people - in all areas, and we can make good money while helping others make good money.

We could do our part towards pushing things towards a FREE and FAIR Market where EVERY Developer and Game Developer and Author and Creator gets a fair shot

5) It's a big HUGE opportunity to create a platform that allows creators to get visibility, allows customers to find the best new products, and allows us to make money. A great win-win-win situation. 

Please Note: We're capitalists and we're doing this for money. Not to save Pandas or pay for the schooling of orphaned kittens. Just so that we're very honest and upfront - we want to make money by helping you make money.

Are you Serious? Do you really want to solve the Discoverability problem?

Yes. If you look at our sites and blogs it'll be clear that we aren't after small fish. We are Hunting the Whale Shark of Discoverability.

We're focused on creating a FREE and FAIR Market. All of us have the opportunity to participate in this Grand Revolution of the Internet and the Mobile Internet. It will be as big as the Scientific Revolution.

Have Questions? Would you like to contact us?

Email us at appneur@outlook.com