8 Main Benefits of Getting App Downloads using Appneur

You get 8 Main Benefits when you use Appneur to get downloads for your Apps -
1) ACTUAL Users downloading your Apps. We only have real people.
2) You will Reach 200,000 Daily Downloading Customers who will discover your app and discover you. Some of them will download your free app. Some of them will consider your other apps. The rest will find out about you and will know that we recommend you as a developer worth their time and money. This makes them likelier to buy and download your apps the next time you can get your apps in front of them.

3) You will reach Daily Downloading Customers in each of Apple, Google, Kindle Fire, and Windows 8 ecosystems who will see your app and find out about you. Very few companies offer this sort of expansive reach.

4) You will get downloads for your Apps. You will only pay for actual results. 

5) Downloads you get from our customers will increase your sales rank. This will lead to other customers seeing you in the store lists and finding out about you and your apps.

6) Some of the customers who download your app, during your promotion with us, will become lifetime customers and buy your remaining apps and products.

7) Customers who really like your apps will sometimes leave a review. Whether or not reviews are left, as well as the number, varies per developer and per app. We do not currently track this, so unfortunately we cannot provide precise figures

8) You will reach app downloading customers in 70+ countries.

What You Pay For, and What You Don't Pay For

You Pay For:

1) Actual Results. For App Promotion Slots you pay only on the basis of actual app downloads.

We guarantee results. We are the only marketing channel anywhere in app promotion, which guarantees results and offers a prorated refund. You pay only for actual results.

While you get many, many benefits (listed below) - you pay only for actual results.

You Do Not Pay For the Following Benefits:

1) Visibility and Reach from getting your App in front of our 200,000+ Daily Downloading Customers. In any other traditional setting, or even with banner ads, you would have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to reach so many customers.

2) Reaching app downloading customers across a variety of different channels - blogs, email lists, websites, vertical search engines, and more. We reach almost every channel you will find your future customers on.

3) The Tail of Increased Downloads after the promotion is over. Downloads will usually be higher, than your pre-promotion baseline, for 3 to 10 days after the 2 day or 3 day promotion ends. All the downloads you get in this 'tail' period are a bonus.

4) Downloads in each of Apple, Google, Windows 8, and Kindle Fire stores. You cover the main 4 channels

5) In a few cases your app will become a Category Bestseller. Creators we've worked with have used this Category Bestseller status to negotiate for movie deals, discuss business opportunities, and to establish themselves as subject area experts. Best of all, you can add it to your app description and increase app downloads and sales. Please Note: Because of our reach in 70+ countries you will sometimes reach Category Bestseller status in multiple countries making you an international genre bestselling app developer.

6) Users signing up for your email lists and visiting your website. If you make intelligent use of your app's product page by including a link to your email newsletter, and if you include email signup links inside your apps, then you can add email subscribers and offer them your other apps.

7) With our app promotion slots you are part of the core of the email and blogs and not a banner ad that is ignored or an ad that is switched off.

Promote to 200,000+ Customers