Top 11 Reasons to Promote Your App with Appneur (The App Entrepreneur Helpers)!

1) 200,000+ Daily Downloading Customers. Over 200,000 of our customers check our blogs and sites and other channels every single day and download apps, deals, books, games every day. Get Your App in Front of Them!

2) Experience of selling 1.35 million paid apps and getting millions of free app downloads for our own apps. We really know what we're talking about. We sold 1 million paid apps in a 2 year stretch. If we see obvious areas for improvement we'll let you know. We can even help you with your overall strategy.

3) Honesty about numbers and figures.

We have 200,000+ Daily Downloading Customers. Each slot specifies exactly how many customers you will reach. In addition, if we accept your app, we will give you a range of expected app downloads, and also guarantee a certain number.

4) Prorated Refund if app downloads don't hit the specified target. If we don't get you results then we do a prorated refund.

5) App downloading customers across most stores - we cover Apple, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8, Nook, Blackberry, Nokia. Majority of our Daily Downloading Customers are in Apple, Windows 8, Android, and Kindle Fire.

6) We have separate dedicated email lists and blogs for mutliple stores. If you were a Kindle Fire customer, would you want some small fraction of offers sent to another store? Third class customer status? Or would you want a list of app offers built specifically FOR YOU?

7) We reach customers no one else reaches. We have 100+ blogs, websites, search sites, list sites, and other channels that reach customers no one else reaches. Can you afford to ignore customers that might be your next biggest fans?

8) Indie Developer focused. We have been promoting Indie authors since 2008 and indie developers since 2011. That guarantees you get readers that are OPEN to and INTERESTED in apps from Indie developers.

9) 70+ Daily Active Countries. Your app will reach customers in 70+ countries every single day. We even have dedicated blogs and sites for 11 countries outside the US - UK, Canada, India, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Germany. For UK, Canada, and India, we have 5,000+ daily active customers in each country.

10) We look to ACCEPT Developers, not Reject them. We don't cherry pick apps that are already doing well. We work on a First Come First Served basis, provided we think can get you results. You can be confident that we won't reject you just to create a perception of exclusivity, or because Big Software Companies are willing to pay more, or because you aren't already a bestseller. Our raison d'etre is to connect the best app downloading customers with the best app developers - ALL developers, regardless of size.

11) We are ENABLERS, not New Gatekeepers. Across all our sites and channels we help dozens of indie authors every day. If you include our search sites and list sites then we help thousands of indie creators of various products (albeit currently not as much as we would like). We do not limit access to our customers to 10-15 of the richest companies

12) We are completely independent and can focus on what's best for the future of the Internet, for customers, for developers and creators, and for ourselves. We are not beholden to Venture Capitalists, to secret arrangements with stores, to sneaky partnerships with Big Game Publishers.

13) We are not an advertorial list. Smart customers figure out sooner or later that advertorial lists are sending them just a list of ads. No one wants to get a list of ads. Would you watch Television if it was nothing but ads? Then why expect customers to get their apps from advertorial lists?

14) Finally, this might be a negative or a positive, depending on your perspective. We don't feature just one app per store per day. We feature 20 to 40 apps every day in each store. The downside is that customers have choices and aren't forced to download your app due to the lack of options. The upside is that you know the customer CHOSE your app out of a group of apps and is more likely to become your customer for life.

15) We have leveraged everything we learned in the process of selling 1.35 million paid apps and getting millions of free app downloads to create an effective app promotion service for App Developers. We will use all those skills and that rich experience to help your app reach the right customers - lots and lots of the right customers.

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