The Appneur Value Proposition

Reach 200,000+ Daily Downloading Customers while paying only for Actual Downloads

You Get: Your App and You Introduced to Our 200,000+ Daily Downloading Customers. Customers who trust us and trust our recommendations, because we've been curating offers for them since Jan 2008 (App Offers since 2011)

You Pay For: Free App Downloads for Your App

You Pay only for ACTUAL RESULTS!

You Also Get: 

1) 'Tail' of downloads for a few days after promotion has ended. 
2) (In a Few Cases) Category Bestseller Status. 
3) All of these 200,000+ customers becoming aware of you, and thus becoming more likely to get your app the next time you can get your app in front of them. 
4) True International Reach - 70+ Countries 
5) True Multi-Store Reach - Apple, Google, Windows 8, and Kindle Fire

Promote to 200,000+ Customers